Confidence Building Games For Your Puppy

Just like humans suffer from issues of low self-esteem, our beloved pets do too. Signs of their low-confidence vary from us humans though. You may sometimes overlook signs of their low confidence, thinking that their actions may be due to lack of proper training. However, that is not the case. Where humans feel strangled, thinking that they are not smart enough or beautiful enough, dogs may feel the same that they are inferior to other dogs.

Head lowering, tucking the tail in between his legs, fear biting, urination, etc.are signs of low-confidence in puppies. Here is an article on confidence-building tips for puppies.

There is a need to involve your pet in interactive brain games which include the usage of mind rather than mere running about and fetching a ball. Active brain exercises tend to fatigue out your dog along with strengthening your bond with the pet. Some of these exercises are:

·         Clicker Training

Enhancing dog confidenceThis is a method of training for pets based on operant conditioning of the pet by giving him reinforcements (rewards or punishments) on completion of a task. Such a method of training is the most significant way to improve confidence in a pet. You can give tasks to your dog to enhance creative thinking in him. Games, as well as exercises, are involved in clicker training. Some of the games are:

1.    Shell game

This is a fairly challenging game and a bit quite interesting. You will need two plastic cups, which are opaque in nature. You need to take the two cups and place a treat under one of them. Then you have to give a cue to your dog to come over and pick the cup with the treat under it.

This task has to be repeated at least eight to ten times to enable your dog to understand the game entirely. Once your pet has completely got the hang of the game, you can complicate it further by switching the cups rapidly.

If your pet picks up the right cup, then you need to reward him with the treat under it. If not, then you must show him the treat under the right cup but not give it to him.

2. The 52 Toy Pickup game

This game involves dropping off the toy by your pet and placing it a basket or container. For this, firstly, you will have to teach your dog to drop the toy when you command “drop.”

Then eventually, you will have to teach him to put the toy away in a basket or container meant keeping the toys. This is a time-taking and tedious process so you will have to be very patient with it.

The process involves a lot of patience since it requires giving your dog a treat even if he makes the slightest of improvements. Once your dog is up with the game, you may train him to put the toys away by name so that when you say the name of a particular toy, your dog knows that he has to put away that particular toy.

3. The New Trick game

This is a simple game which involves treating your pet on showing a new trick and not giving him a treat when he repeats the old one. Such a game will help to develop the personality of the pet as well as activate his brain since he will decide himself which act of his will earn him a treat or not.

4. Ring Stackers

The simple game of ring stacking played by kids is also helpful in building up the confidence of your pet since they are a great game to enhance imagination both for kids as well as dogs. However, it is highly important to choose the right rings as they cannot be of plastic colors since your dog will have the habit of chewing on it.

Therefore, it is to be kept in mind to keep the rings in natural dyes. Find out more about similar confidence and lifestyle-related blogs for your puppies at The site has thorough blogs on puppies and their care and all the updated news on the various social and physical development of dogs with changing times.

·         Obedience Training:

Basic training of your dog, such as to teach him how to sit, how to jump, an essential confidence-building tip for your puppy. These obedience exercises also advance your relationship with your pet by building communication as well as removing the language barrier between the two. Proper instructions guide your pet so that he does not have to decide everything before doing it.

·         Target Training:

This simple training method is also a very viable method to develop confidence in your dogs. The exercise of teaching your dog to touch any particular object with his nose or hand to reach a particular result is an effective one. This is such a simple trick that your pet will catch on to it in no time.

Happy puppyFor example, train your dog to touch your hand in which you are keeping a treat. Eventually, he will understand that merely by touching your hand, and he will get to eat the treat. Similarly, this exercise can be improvised by making him shake your hand before giving him the treat. This exercise also helps in adapting him to strangers and removes his fear of them when they put forward their hands.

·         Agility training:

This is yet another effective method of building your dog’s self-esteem. These are practical exercises for your dog such as jumping over ropes, passing through tunnels or walking through uneven surfaces such as logs, boards, etc. Since these exercises are rewarding, succeeding in such tasks improve their self-confidence. Here are some agility based training exercises for your dog that can be easily performed at home.

Final Thoughts

The best way to improve your dog and his behavior around strangers is to expose him to new experiences and enhance his interaction with you by indulging him in games and other such exercises.

The idea behind this cure is to improve the behavior intimately and wholly such that the entire character of the puppy improves rather than just the demeanor. The worst manner to handle such a situation is to scold your pet or force him into uncomfortable situations where he clearly does not fit in.